Queen’s Marque Update

We are pleased to announce that the Design Review Committee has just approved the Queen’s Marque development.

Crews are working hard to prepare the site for construction. Temporary sidewalk closures are expected over the coming weeks.  Construction timelines will be posted shortly.

The Halifax Boardwalk is still open to the public and the Waterfront is open for business.



Queen’s Marque Installs Reef Balls to Foster Healthy Ecosystem

Queen’s Marque has released five reef balls into the Halifax Harbour as a preemptive measurement to offset any potential impact construction could have on the harbour. Reef balls, designed by The Reef Ball Foundation and manufactured by Nova Scotia’s Clean Foundation, create and restore marine habitat by fostering the growth of an ecosystem that supports fish and shellfish populations.

When deployed into Nova Scotia’s marine environment, reef balls support the growth of algae, which is a foundational piece in the ecosystem, and provide shelter and protection to fish species. They also serve as habitats for spawning and reproduction, which aides in maintaining a healthy marine population. The reef balls selected by the Queen’s Marque design team do not leach toxins into the water and do not contain biologically active compounds.

As part of the project the Clean Foundation has installed five reef balls on behalf of Queen’s Marque, which equates to 900 square metres of marine habitat.

In addition to improving local harbour conditions, the reef ball initiative helps raise public awareness of Nova Scotia’s ocean environment. The goals of the Clean Foundation align with Queen’s Marque, as planning for a Gentle Footprint and having the utmost respect for Nova Scotia waters is a fundamental value of the project.


Stacked ‘pallet style’ reef balls awaiting installation. The holes in the reef balls provide shelter and protection for species like lobster and crab. (Credit: Clean Foundation).

Join Us on Wednesday August 3rd for a Community Engagement Session

Please join us on Wednesday, August 3rd 2016, for a community engagement session to discuss and share your ideas and desires for the 75,000 square feet of public space on the waterfront that will be created as part of Queen’s Marque. The public piazzas of the Queen’s Marque District are for all to use and enjoy. Because of this we think the public should have a say in how the area is programmed and animated.

This event is hosted and moderated by Waterfront Development, who oversee and maintain the public space.

No RSVP required to attend. The session takes place at Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, starting at 6:00 pm and runs approximately 90 minutes. More details outlined below.




Introducing Queen’s Marque: A Project Born of This Place

On May 9th, 2016 The Armour Group Limited (The Armour Group) and Waterfront Development unveiled the Queen’s Marque district, a project shaped by the distinct character and marked experience of this province and its people. With a strong deference to our region’s origins, Queen’s Marque tells the story of Nova Scotia through form and place employing design, architecture, materials, and art to convey both our heritage and a forward looking sentiment that honours the experience of being Nova Scotian.