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A new waterfront neighbourhood in the absolute centre of downtown Halifax. With a nod to stories and traditions of Nova Scotia’s past,  Queen’s Marque is a contemporary destination for dining, shopping and connecting.

Tidal Beacon

‘Tidal Beacon’, a dramatic 60-foot art installation, towers at the harbour’s edge at the top of Rise Again.  Its appearance changes with the tides — meaning each visit offers a new experience.

‘Tidal Beacon’ responds to tides, weather and the surrounding environment. Light rises and falls within the structure, culminating in a 12-minute event at high and low tides.

The event consists of the ‘Lunar Crest,’ an eight-minute crescendo of shimmering lights bookended by a two-minute ‘Beacon Turn,’ which transforms the sculpture into a rotating light. Throughout the event, directional spotlights shine into the sky and across the harbour.

Eat, Drink & Shop

Sample seafood right from the ocean, explore Nova Scotia’s natural terroir, sip cocktails refreshed by the salt air or browse local specialty shops in the heart of Halifax’s burgeoning culinary and retail scene.


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Activities & Events

From festivals celebrating Nova Scotia’s food and culture to intimate concerts and art installations, Queen’s Marque is a destination for gathering, enjoyment and connection.



Situated in the absolute centre of downtown Halifax in the new Queen’s Marque district, Muir offers elevated hospitality and service inspired by the spirit, culture and natural beauty of Nova Scotia. Muir is a gracious host and one-of-a-kind destination.



Welcome to luxury apartment living in downtown Halifax. The Residences at Queen’s Marque promise a first-of-its-kind lifestyle, pairing enlightened luxury apartment living and indulgent services and amenities.