An Expression of Culture and History

The vision for Queen’s Marque was shaped by stories from our past and the sense of opportunity we see for the future.

From the materials used, including local sandstone and reclaimed cobblestones, to the marine forms used throughout, Queen’s Marque honours the spirit of Nova Scotia.

Architectural Excellence

Our region’s most celebrated architect, Brian MacKay-Lyons, of MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, has established a global reputation through ‘Born of this Place’ design. At Queen’s Marque district, Mr. MacKay-Lyons employs a deep understanding of local vernacular, modern, clean lines and honest materiality to impart a clear and pure sense of Nova Scotia.


Connection with Space

At Queen’s Marque, we hope you feel a connection with the space. Open spaces, amenities and art create a sense of space and community.

Queen’s Marque invites visitors to rise and fall like the sea, climbing to the top of Rise Again and descending Queen’s Landing to touch the ocean. This is a destination that encourages connection and reflection.

Deeply Local

To create something truly Born of this Place, Queen’s Marque draws deeply on local talent and knowledge.

The architects, consultants and builders of this district help tell the story of Nova Scotia through local design, materials and features drawing on symbols, stories and traditions of our past. The result is an authentic connection and sense of place.

Gentle Footprint

Being shaped by the land and its people means Queen’s Marque must have the utmost respect and care for its place. We are guided by ethical design and environmental principles of being beneficial and not detrimental to the land.

Legacy 16

Queen’s Marque is fundamentally designed to be sustainable and healthy, maximizing solar heating during the winter and using ocean water for cooling in the warmer months. Water drawn in from the harbour circulates throughout Queen’s Marque creating a comfortable environment with no energy required for cooling, and minimal usage for heating through high efficiency heat pumps.